Conservatories Upgrade Options

Now we can further enhance your conservatory with the latest technology available from synseal.

Climate Control Unit

This small unit is everything you will need to keep your conservatory comfortable all year round

  • Heats - Provides warm air heating
  • Cools - Cools and cirulates the air in the conservatory
  • Dehumidifies - Extracts condensation from the conservatory
  • Purifies - Pollen and clean filters reduce the risk of hay fever

The flush fitting elegant ergonomic design is unobtrusive nad comes complete with an infra-red remote control for ease of operation from the comfort of your chair

Roof Vents

With slim unobtrusive uPVC outer frame these roof vents give an easy option for more ventilation. Available in either manual which comes with a brass extendible pole and screw jack mechanism or electric.

Electric roof vents are fully motorised and are operated by a simple wall switch. A further option with electric roof vents is a climate control sensor and a rain sensor which will maintain a constant temperature in the conservatory.